1 Great Company, 3 Amazing Brands– Over 5,800 SKUs!

1 Great Company, 3 Amazing Brands– Over 5,800 SKUs!

Since 1866, C.H. Hanson® has been the epitome of resilience and determination. Hanson was founded by Christian Henry Hanson in February of 1866, soon after the Civil War. Only 6 years later, our initial location on Clark and South Water Street, and most of Christian’s work was ruined by the Great Chicago Fire. With just the clothes on his back and a handful of stencil dies, Christian vowed to rebuild everything.

Today, C.H. Hanson is still in the Chicagoland area and is a privately held corporation managed by the 4th and 5th direct generation descendants of Christian. We’ve long expanded from stamps and stencils dies to hand and layout tools, marking devices, tape, safety equipment, and more.

C.H. Hanson didn’t stop there. In 2013, we acquired Palmgren and added it to C.H. Hanson’s family of exceptional brands. Since 1919, Palmgren products have proven their reliability, efficiency, and durability
to all types of industries throughout the world. Clarence Palmgren was acclaimed for his achievements and contributions to the metalworking industry through his innovative designs and patents. He is credited with designing and manufacturing the first machine vises that significantly increased efficiency and productivity with metalworking manufacturers worldwide.

During the late 1980s, Palmgren expanded its product offering to include arbor presses, bench vises, bench grinders, drill presses, and band saws. In the early 2000’s further expansion of the machinery line was taken to add milling machines and lathes, becoming the resource for all your stationary metalworking machinery needs.

Palmgren continues to produce user-friendly, high quality and affordable tools for
workholding, positioning, pressing, finishing, drilling, tapping, milling, turning, and

We are committed to helping our users “Embrace the Work” through our products and helping them with the daily grind.

In 2020, C.H. Hanson once again expanded its offerings to include plumbing tools after purchasing Superior Tool. Initially based in Cleveland, Ohio, Superior Tool was founded in 1946 as a distributor of U.S. Government surplus hand tools from World War II. For the next 50 years, they manufactured a wide range of products, mostly tubing/pipe tools and hex key wrenches sold through hardware distribution.

Then in the late 1980s, Superior Tool created a new product category for retailers– “American-Made, Professional Quality Pipe Working and Plumbing Tools”– to be merchandised in the plumbing aisles of emerging big box stores and later smaller hardware stores.

By 1990, Superior Tool intensified the development of innovative plumbing tools. They introduced many useful proprietary products such as the SinkDrain Wrench™, DrainStick®, Basin Buddy™, and more. Since then, Superior Tool continues to provide quality plumbing tools to solve plumbing issues quickly and efficiently, and wherever possible, we embrace U.S manufacturing instead of a foreign-made product.

Despite these three amazing brands coming from different backgrounds and histories, they all share the same excellent customer service. We believe in answering the phone and helping you solve your issues immediately. No answering machines or menu options, instead we connect you with a live representative. It’s that simple!

At C.H. Hanson, we also believe in our product. Our product manufacturing is handled by our diligent factory workers who care about making great products for you. In case of a defect, all three brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. Palmgren offers a lifetime warranty on all vises, clamps, positioning tables, tombstones, jack screws, and vise accessories. All bench grinders, drill presses, tapping machines, band saws, lathes, milling machines, arbor presses, and abrasive finishing machines have a 3-year warranty.

We stand behind our products so much that we offer these warranties so you can feel secure about what you’re buying. Additionally, Palmgren utilizes RescueLens– a real-time machine repair and service which is an online service app that uses video and audio. This technology allows our team to see what is going on with a customer’s machine without actually being there. RescueLens can also be used to train customers on how to operate the machines. At C.H. Hanson, we take care of our customers because we want to serve these industries in the best way possible so you can “Make it Happen™” and “Embrace the Work™”.

C.H. Hanson– “Tools for Generations™”

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