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A Dynamic Duo: Carpenter's Pencil and Pencil Armor®

Protecting your pencil from the dangers of the construction life can be challenging. You misplace your trusty pencil, break it, or lose it for good. C.H. Hanson has designed the Pencil Armor® to help you keep your pencil intact while on the job.

Armor Up

The Pencil Armor® improves the longevity of your pencil’s life by encasing it in protective aluminum. The armor was specifically made for carpenter’s pencils because their shape and size are vastly different from a traditional pencil. Included on the armor is a pocket clip so you can have it right where you need it at all times. C.H. Hanson cares about your pencil’s safety as much as you do which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our Pencil Armor® so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Choose Your Pencil

There are a variety of carpenter pencils that C.H. Hanson manufactures to pair with your new Pencil Armor®. Our options include red lead pencils, raw soft basswood pencils, raw hard basswood pencils, raw medium basswood pencils, unfinished yellow medium basswood pencils, hard lead pencils, soft lead pencils, and medium lead pencils. Any of our carpenter’s pencils also fit in any of our retractable Pencil Pulls® that keep your pencil secure and clipped to your belt or shirt for easy access.

Learn More

In addition to our pencils and pencil accessories, C.H. Hanson sells hand tools and marking devices to serve both the metalworking and construction markets. To learn more about our marking products and other items, head to our site at

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