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C.H. Hanson Announces Smiley Face Stencils

Today, C.H. Hanson announced it is expanding its diverse stencil line up. It will now add a smiley face design to the standard product offering. Smiley Face stencils come in several sizes, but the company believes the most popular size will be the 39” diameter offering. This size is comparable to a handicap parking space imprint that most people know and recognize.

Director of Creative Marketing Greg Guess explains “We make stencils for a wide variety of needs. Many are used in parking lot markings such as handicap, arrows and no parking. In light of the difficult times we have come through last year, we felt that adding a smiley might be a good move.”

C.H. Hanson stencils are durable. They are not damaged by solvents, lay flat and are built for daily use. Most stencils are in stock and ship in 24 hours – which means you can Smiley Face your own parking space in a just few days.

When questioned further on the merits of a Smiley Face stencil, Mr. Guess himself smiled and said “You haven't seen anything yet – we're thinking of emojis for fall of this year.”

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