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Stamp of Approval with C.H. Hanson® Steel Stamps

Give your “stamp of approval” using C.H. Hanson’s steel stamp collection.

From standard grade sets to numbers to Spanish, we can accommodate almost any of your stamping projects. Our stamps come in various sets, sizes, and durability to ensure your marks come out as crisp and clean as possible.

What You Can Choose From

Like we said, our stamping options are endless! Whether you need it for light-duty marking or repetitive heavy-duty use, we have the stamps for you. Choose from a wide range of standard sets, clamshell sets, heavy-duty sets, extremely heavy-duty Rhino sets, stainless steel sets, and much more. Check out all our available sets, click here.

Our standard sets are crafted for handheld, hammer-struck marking. They’re made for occasional use and are recommended for medium to light-duty marking. You can use these stamps to mark wood, leather, aluminum, brass, sheet metal, and cold roll steel.

If you need something a little bit tougher, our heavy-duty stamps are great for moderate industrial use. Just like the standard stamps, these are made for handheld, hammer-struck marking. They’re designed with a crowned striking surface which ensures full force to the center of the stamp. Each shank is tempered for an extra dose of safety, and the oversized shank delivers more consistent stamp control. These stamps can mark on wood, leather, aluminum, brass, sheet metal, and cold roll steel.

For those of you that work in industries where cross contamination and corrosion resistance are critical, our stainless steel stamps are the ones for you. These stamps are crafted to work in all sorts of places and mark even in highly corrosive environments.

You’ll want our Rhino stamps if you need something with great durability and longevity. These stamps are made of high-quality alloy steel for the toughest materials. Use these stamps to mark on wood, leather, aluminum, brass, sheet metal, cold roll steel, stainless steel, water or oil hardened steel, and heat-treated material up to 50 HRC!

The moral of the story, whatever material you need to mark, you now have a stamp for it.

Learn More

In addition to our steel stamps, C.H. Hanson sells stencils, tags, flagging and barricade tape, safety accessories, pencils, crayons, markers, layout tools, and marking devices to serve both the metalworking and construction markets. To learn more about our stamps and other products, head to our site at

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