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Say Hello to the PencilPull XL™

Existing customers and users of C.H. Hanson know and love the Pencil Pull, but now it’s time to say hello to its upgrade – the PencilPull XL™ (10574)!

Not only is this tool bound to keep your pencil close and at hand – it’s stronger than its predecessor and loaded with 48 inches of tough, braided 50 lb. test line! The PencilPull XL is incredibly simple to use; just fit your pencil or writing tool in the holder, and clip it to your beltloop, or desired location.. and there you have it! You’re ready to write. Now you can rest easy knowing that whenever you tackle a new job, you’ve got a pencil close by, for all the details and measurements.

Beyond its ease of use, the PencilPull XL can go great lengths on any task, and return your pencil safely to your side! It’s time to get excited, get out your tools, and hang onto that pencil with C.H. Hanson's Pencil Pull XL.

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