5 Items You Need in Your Tool Bag

5 Items You Need in Your Tool Bag

Your tool bag is probably overflowing with tons of products but what do you actually need? Having the right tools can help you get your work done faster and better. Here are 5 items that you need to add to your tool bag right now.

1-The Best Stud Finder

We may be biased but the people have spoken. This stud finder is a fan favorite!

Our Stud Finder uses powerful rare earth magnets to locate metal and wood studs in walls. You no longer have to keep batteries on hand or worry about them not working. Included in our Stud Finder is a rotating level for both horizontal and vertical marking. Additionally, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket so you can have it ready at all times. And if you’re looking for a really good magnet for the refrigerator, this is also a fantastic magnet!

2- Never Lose Your Pencil

Constantly losing your pencil? Our Pencil Pull Pro® is at your service!

This nifty pencil holder keeps your pencil in place and allows quick access at all times. You can also use it for more than a pencil. The flexible rubber end can securely hold your marker, lumber crayon, and more. Plus, the built-in carabiner can clip onto a tool belt or belt loop and it features a 48” retractable string. We designed it with the Pro and DIY’er in mind, the Pencil Pull Pro® is 2X stronger than the original so you never lose your pencil again.

3- Armor Up

Extend the life of your lumber crayons with our crayon holders. We offer two variations to keep your crayons intact. You can choose between our wood lumber crayon holder and our Crayon Armor.

Our wood lumber crayon holder is made of wood and features a removable hard plastic tail cap and a lanyard. The lanyard is there so you can keep track of it easier by wearing it on your wrist or looping it onto a belt. You also aren’t limited to only using it for a lumber crayon, the holder can accommodate chalk as well.

Your other choice is our Crayon Armor. Made from a durable plastic polymer, the casing protects your crayons from breaking in your pocket, tool pouch, or toolbox. Plus, the bright yellow color makes it hard to miss so you’ll always be able to locate your crayon. Not only does it keep your crayons in tip-top shape, but it also gives your hand better control when marking.

Consider adding one of these crayon protectors to your bag today so you can protect your crayons tomorrow.

4- The Toughest Writing Tools

When you’re working with a lot of grim, oil, and dirt, marking and writing becomes more difficult. Normal writing tools don’t cut it like El Marko® products. Our line of El Marko® marking tools is designed to write on most surfaces even the oily, rusty, greasy films. So, what do we offer? Our El Marko® products range from lumber crayons, to paint and permanent markers, to china markers. Whatever you’re looking for, El Marko’s® got it!

5- Layout Projects Made Easy

And last but not least, our Pivot Square. This little guy makes precision layout fast and easy, as it allows you to lock the tool at any angle for repetitive layout. The pivot square quickly and easily determines roof pitches, any angles, indicated grade, and facilitates miter, level, and plumb cuts. This tool easily pivots which gives a simple measure and mark of any angle. The next time you’re working on a roof or a framing project, you’re going to want this!

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In addition to these products, C.H. Hanson sells stencils, stamps, tags, flagging and barricade tape, safety accessories, pencils, crayons, markers, layout tools, and marking devices to serve both the metalworking and construction markets. To learn more about our products, head to our site at chhanson.com.

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