El Marko®: Back and Better Than Ever

El Marko®: Back and Better Than Ever

El Marko has made a return, here at C.H. Hanson!


The market for marker pens began in 1953 when Magic Marker* was introduced and by the 1960’s, these types of marker pens were in their prime years.

El Marko was originally a waterproof marker pen sold by Paper Mate* and in 1968, it was introduced at a Gillette Paper Mate national sales meeting. But over time, Paper Mate neglected the brand and began focusing heavily on the brand “Sharpie*”. The inattention led to Paper Mate losing the rights to El Marko.

The once powerful marker pen was left abandoned for quite some time. In 2018, C.H. Hanson filed for the El Marko trademark. We were not the first company interested in the brand. In fact, there were a few other companies that filed for the trademark but failed to follow through with an actual product. We were thrilled to add El Marko to our product line.

About the Paint Marker

The El Marko we know and love today comes in both a permanent marker and a permanent paint marker that leaves high visibility marks on all surfaces. You can even use these on oily, rusty, and greasy films. Some other useful features include resisting water, wear, and UV fading.

We offer these durable paint markers in red, black, white, and yellow. They’re perfect to use with stencils, just give the marker a few shakes and they’re ready to go.

Check out El Marko and our other products at https://www.chhanson.com and to read more about the revival, visit https://www.brandlandusa.com/2021/08/23/el-marko-marker-pen-revived-original-masked-penman-revealed/

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