Hanging the Halls with C.H. Hanson™: A Christmas Celebration of Tools and Traditions

Hanging the Halls with C.H. Hanson™: A Christmas Celebration of Tools and Traditions


This holiday season, let's deck the halls with more than just boughs of holly – let's embrace the spirit of Christmas with the reliable and innovative tools from C.H. Hanson™. As we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, here's a festive blend of tools and traditions that make the season merry and bright.


Measuring Twice, Decorating Once:

Just as precision matters in carpentry, it's crucial when adorning your home with festive decorations. C.H. Hanson's measuring tools (Pivot Square / Folding Layout Asquare) ensure your lights and ornaments are perfectly placed, creating a holiday display that rivals Santa's workshop. But most importanly before hanging the stockings, make sure you find the studs with ease with our Magnetic Stud Finder™ to assure a secure placement.


Marking Memories with Permanent Cheer:

Capture the magic of the season with C.H. Hanson's El Marko Markers. Whether labeling gifts or creating personalized ornaments, these tools add a touch of holiday spirit that lasts well beyond December.


Clamp Down on Christmas Chaos:

Wrangling unruly strings of lights? C.H. Hanson's / Palmgren Spring Clamps and clips are your holiday organizing companions. Keep cords in check and create a dazzling light display without the hassle of tangled wires.


Scribing Seasonal Greetings:

When crafting handmade cards or signs, C.H. Hanson's Carpenter Pencils or Lumber Crayons are the perfect tools. Create heartfelt messages and DIY decorations with these reliable writing companions.


Carving Comfort and Joy:

Transforming a simple block of wood (or blank metal tags) into a festive masterpiece? C.H. Hanson's Stamp Sets and Pencil Engraver tools are essential for creating intricate holiday decorations and gifts that will be cherished for years to come.


Santa's Little Helpers – Pencil Pull Pro:

Just as Santa relies on his little helpers, equip yourself with a sturdy Pencil Pull™ Pro from C.H. Hanson.  This tool can hold any marking tool and keeps it securly by your side as you tackle holiday DIY projects and repairs.

This Christmas, elevate your festive traditions with the dependable tools from C.H. Hanson. From measuring and marking to decorating and crafting, C.H. Hanson has you covered. Here's to a season filled with joy, creativity, and the reliability of quality tools. Merry Christmas and happy DIYing!

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