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Want to know more about our products? Download our literature and marketing files.

Literature files for our products are listed below listed by our categories and then product name as it appears on this site. This section of our site is constantly changing so bookmark and check back really soon.

Marking Tools

Box Claw™ 2-in-1 Marker and Box Opener

The Box Claw™ is a patented, 2-in-1 Permanent Marker and Box opener that combines convenience with safety. The Box Claw™ features a black, chisel tip permanent marker on one end and a retractable, bladeless claw on the other.

Customized Stencils, Stamps and Tags

Our company was built on supplying customers with what they needed. We still operate in the same manner today. Have a custom need for a marking product? We can probably help!


We offer a complete line of stencils - from brass Reese's interlocking plates to large items to mark parking lots. Plus we'll customize a solution for you!

Steel Stamps

C.H. Hanson is an industry leader in the manufacturing of steel stamps. Choose from a wide variety of options and sizes. More importantly, all of our stamps are made in our Naperville, IL, USA plant


Learn more about the brass, aluminum and stainless steel tags that we offer. Looking to mark gas and water lines? We sell pre-made numbered sets.

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