Feel the Stampede with Rhino™ Stamps

Feel the Stampede with Rhino™ Stamps

How Rhino™ Stamps Came to Be

Rhino Steel Stamps got their start in the late 1980s. Our Plant Manager at the time was receiving requests from our customers for steel stamps that were more durable than our top-of-the-line Premier steel stamps. These stamps were routinely being shipped into oil fields for marking petroleum pipes. The pipe that was being marked was often cast and had a rough finish, so the end-user was really hitting the stamps with a lot of force to make sure the impression was readable. This was causing even our best stamps to deform. We wanted to improve the performance of our stamps; thus, we started experimenting with different grades of steel and different heat treatment processes to make the stamps more durable. These new stamps proved to be very successful in the fields, and we received requests for entire letter and number sets made out of this new material. We decided that we would begin to offer these new stamps as their own line and called them “Rhino”.  Rhino stamps are bigger, stronger, and easier to use in difficult stamping applications. Eventually, Rhino has become so popular that we’re discontinuing our Premier steel stamps!

About Rhino™ Products

C.H. Hanson® offers a set of Rhino Letter Stamps crafted for hand-held, hammer-struck marking. The Rhino stamps feature high-quality alloy steel for the toughest materials, even stamping material up to 50 HRC! These gold-quality stamps have the greatest durability and longevity in all applications. Each shank is tempered for an extra dose of safety, and the increased length provides a better impression. Our sets consist of either 27 or 9 pieces, some with letters A through Z, so you can stamp in industrial settings, on wood, leather, aluminum, brass, sheet metal, cold roll steel, stainless steel, water or oil-hardened steel. Did we mention that they’re proudly made in the USA?

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In addition to our stamps, C.H. Hanson® sells stencils, tags, flagging and barricade tape, safety accessories, pencils, crayons, markers, layout tools, and marking devices to serve both the metalworking and construction markets. To learn more about our products, head to our site at www.chhanson.com.

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