Striking Precision and Permanence with C.H. Hanson’s® Steel Stamps

Striking Precision and Permanence with C.H. Hanson’s® Steel Stamps

The Genesis of C.H. Hanson:

The story of C.H. Hanson began in 1866 when Christian Henry Hanson founded the company in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Originally, the company specialized in producing stencil cutters, but it was the introduction of their steel stamps that would soon set them apart from their competitors. (Add content about collectible coin tokens / badges)


Evolution of Steel Stamps: 

Steel stamps, also known as metal stamps or punch stamps, are tools used to engrave characters or designs into various surfaces. Initially designed for marking leather, C.H. Hanson saw the potential of these stamps in other various industries. With their commitment to quality and precision, they quickly expanded their product line to cater to the needs of metalworkers, blacksmiths, craftsmen, and much more.


The Art of Craftsmanship:

What truly sets C.H. Hanson's steel stamps apart is the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each product. The stamps are made from high-quality, hardened steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear over time. The engraving process is carried out with utmost care, resulting in sharp and clear characters that leave a clean and lasting impression on the material.


Versatility and Customization:

C.H. Hanson offers a wide range of steel stamps suitable for different applications. From basic letter and number sets to specialized stamps for specific industries, Hanson caters to the diverse requirements of their customers. Moreover, they also provide customization options, allowing businesses to have their logos or unique designs turned into steel stamps for branding purposes.


Enduring Mark of Excellence:

One of the reasons C.H. Hanson's steel stamps have stood the test of time is their unwavering commitment to quality. Many of their products have been passed down through generations, still performing flawlessly decades after their initial use. The enduring mark of excellence is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every steel stamp they produce.


Application Across Industries:

C.H. Hanson's steel stamps find applications across a wide range of industries. From marking serial numbers on manufactured parts to personalizing jewelry and trophies, these stamps offer a precise and permanent solution for any material that requires clear identification.


Why C.H. Hanson:

In the world of precision marking tools, C.H. Hanson's steel stamps have earned their place as an industry icon. For over a century, their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation has made them a trusted choice for businesses and craftsmen worldwide. Whether you're a blacksmith, jeweler, or a manufacturer in need of reliable marking tools, C.H. Hanson's steel stamps continue to leave a lasting impression on the world of engraving and identification.

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