The Box Claw™... Opening A Box Near You!

The Box Claw™... Opening A Box Near You!

In a world where convenience and innovation go hand in hand, C.H. Hanson® has once again raised the bar with its groundbreaking Box Claw™. A revolutionary tool that is set to transform the way we open boxes and packages. What sets this apart is its patented claw design, a departure from the traditional razor-based “box cutters”.


Introducing The Box Claw™

The Box Claw, with its carefully engineered retractable claw mechanism, provides users with a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional box cutters. This innovative approach prioritizes user safety without compromising on performance. Let's delve into what makes C.H. Hanson's Box Claw a game-changer in the world of packaging.

The Patented Claw Design

At the heart of the Box Claw's success is its patented claw design. Unlike sharp razor blades that pose risks of accidental cuts and injuries, or damage to your goods, the claw gently grabs onto the packaging material, allowing for a controlled and secure cutting experience. This unique design not only enhances safety but also extends the longevity of the tool, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Safer Handling, Fewer Accidents

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to handling tools, especially those designed for cutting. The Box Claw's claw design mitigates the risk of accidental injuries, making it an ideal choice for users of all experience levels. Its user-friendly approach ensures that users of all ages can confidently open packages without the fear of mishaps.


Versatility in Package Opening

C.H. Hanson's Box Claw isn't just about safety – it's also a multifaceted tool that adapts to various packaging materials. From cardboard boxes, reinforced tape, to plastic wrapping, the claw effortlessly handles a range of materials, offering users a seamless and efficient opening experience. This versatility ensures that the Box Claw becomes an indispensable tool in both residential and commercial settings.

Bold Lines and Beyond

Another notable feature to this groundbreaking tool, the Box Claw introduces an extra layer of versatility with its El Marko® chiseled tip marker. The El Marko marker offers precision and versatility, making it an ideal tool for various applications. Whether you're labeling boxes with crisp lines or creating bold, chiseled designs, this dynamic duo of El Marko and Box Claw, assures a comprehensive approach to unboxing and re-boxing, enhancing user convenience.


By introducing a patented claw design, C.H. Hanson has successfully redefined the landscape of package opening tools. As consumers increasingly seek safer and ecologically friendly options, the Box Claw tears through the old ways of package-opening and provides a forward-thinking solution.


Are you ready for what the Box Claw can unbox for you?


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