Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Christmas Giveaway Winners!


Well folks, the time has come for our Christmas giveaway series to end. If you joined us for the 12 days, we thank you for your active participation, continuous support, and festive spirit! We know this has been a tough year on everybody, but we hope this series could inspire a bit of fun, and help share a warm sense of community this holiday season.

Now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the C.H. Hanson 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners:


DAY 1: Instagram user @neww66

DAY 2: Twitter user @trich27

DAY 3: Instagram user @timharmanphoto

DAY 4: Instagram user @alderelitewoodworks

DAY 5: Twitter user @mathgril

DAY 6: Instagram user @obsidian_mfg

DAY 7: Instagram user @josian8892

DAY 8: Twitter user @66Mhz

DAY 9: Facebook user Sam Copeland

DAY 10: Instagram user @buildwithxountry

DAY 11: Twitter user @artdater2014

DAY 12: Twitter user @motherearth2000


If you are one of the selected winners, please note that we will be in touch with you shortly with details. Thank you!

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