Being Thankful for Family

Being Thankful for Family

Let’s be honest. Thanksgiving is about families, friends, and fun. After the feast comes the clean-up, football games, and maybe a tryptophan-induced nap on the comfy sofa. It’s the one time of year when there really isn’t an agenda other than a delicious meal. As the years progress, you notice small children becoming young adults and adults sporting a bit more gray every year.

We realize that in a world of change, family ties still are the strongest. Grandma cooking, grandad playing with the grandchildren and the family dog sniffing the turkey scented air looking for “yummies.”

At C.H. Hanson, we like to call ourselves a family. We are 5th generation family owned and many employee’s tenures stretch into the years and even decades. And while many smaller to midsized factories have been shuttered, we look for ways to build in the U.S. and keep jobs here locally in the Chicago area.

Our founder Christian Henry Hanson would be amazed at the world today. When the company was founded in 1866, the means of transportation was still primarily horse and buggy, rail and ship. A cross country train trip would take 83 hours from New York to San Francisco.

Probably more impressive is the amount of people his fledgling steel stencil company has touched. C.H. Hanson is involved with many charity events that give back to our community and friends. And we love being able to help. That being said, our company is about giving someone an opportunity to work and make a wage for their efforts – right here, right now.

Our employees on the plant floor are some of the best people you would ever want to meet. They come to work every day, take care of the task at hand and head home to families and friends. They go the extra effort, stay late when needed and produce products intended to make your life easier. They along with our office staff and management team are family. We have each other’s backs.

In addition, we do everything we can to ensure our customers love working with us. We don’t always win every business battle, but we certainly respect each and every business associate we encounter. In all, we strive to lead with integrity and honesty – just as our founder C.H. Hanson would.

So in this season, please accept a hearty heaping of Thank You from the C.H. Hanson family. There’s so much to be thankful for – let’s begin by being satisfied with things that are the most valuable, food, shelter and clothing – and yeah, even the comfy sofa!

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