Meet The Inventor Series: John English - The Pivot Square®

Meet The Inventor Series: John English - The Pivot Square®

An architect & licensed builder, John English invented the Pivot Square® to solve a common problem in the construction and architectural fields: determining actual roof slopes or pitches of existing houses.


The Pivot Square®, which can determine existing slopes, pitches and angles quickly and accurately, gives tradesmen a multi-purpose tool that combines the functions of many existing tools into a single, easy-to-use device.


Because of his unusual dual role as a registered architect and a licensed builder, John had the unique perspective to combine the similar functions of a drafting tool and a carpenter’s square. Today, his legacy lives on among skilled tradesmen and average homeowners alike; John English, passed away in 2009. C.H. Hanson® continues to pay royalties to his widow.


The Guide Of All Guides:

Another amazing benefit added with the Pivot Square is the (Expert Guide To Roof Construction And Framing.) Each Pivot Square comes with this professional guide, masterfully crafted by the truly talented John Carroll. John is a frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding and has written three other books on building, all published by The Taunton Press (Measuring, Marking & Layout (1999), Working Alone (1999), and The Complete Visual Guide to Building a House (2014). 





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